The 2014 Crowdfund Global Expo

January 30-31, 2014
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA
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Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity for the global crowdfunding community in this rapidly expanding market with our events that are known for the quality of their content and their networking opportunities.

The Next Generation of Wall Street. Crowdfunding is disrupting startup funding:

  • Meet all the platforms face-to-face
  • Find out how to capitalize on the crowdfunding revolution
  • Learn the crowdfunding rules – What is legal? What is not?
  • Develop your crowdfunding plan and market your campaign successfully
  • Case-studies on best practices for raising funds
  • What role Brokers, Investment Bankers, Attorneys, Marketing and Financial Advisors play
  • Live pitch to 5 crowdfunding sites
  • “Super Angels”
  • Choosing investments and finding new trends, hot industries/products based on successful crowdfunding campaigns
  • Build a crowd and a following while connecting with powerful platforms

About Jonathan Sandlund

Founder, TheCrowdCafe

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