TheCrowdCafe is an education and advocacy platform for the investment crowdfunding industry. Our goal is to promote greater awareness and understanding of the industry – speaking to the enormous value it holds for businesses, investors and the economy at large – by providing data-driven research, resources, and discussion. Transparency is paramount.


I’m the Founder and Editorialist of TheCrowdCafe. I started TheCrowdCafe to evangelize the investment crowdfunding industry. It’s an industry that speaks to my frustrating personal experiences working in the private capital marketplace, as well my passion for realizing a more meaningful way to invest. I’m deeply researching the industry, both domestically and abroad, to support a holistic, ever-changing understanding of the enormous social and financial implications the industry hold for businesses, investors and communities.

I experienced the inefficiencies of the private markets as an investment banker. Antiquated security laws passed seventy-odd years ago are to blame. They constrain private businesses looking for funding with costly and overly burdensome requirements, and effectively preclude 98% of Americans from investing in them. It’s nonsensical and undemocratic: All individuals should have the right to accept risk and invest in the companies they believe in. Equal opportunity is a proud and defining trait of our country, our security markets should reflect it.

I’m also deeply motivated by the idea of meaningful investment. Imagine eating at a local restaurant you funded, or watching an indie film your investment helped kickstart. Crowdfunding will evolve to support an entirely financially-motivated alternative asset class. This is great. Concurrently, it will support social investments that are experiential, and meaningful. I find this idea immensely powerful and inspiring. If even in a small way, I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Jonathan Sandlund | j@thecrowdcafe.com

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I’ve presented my research on the investment crowdfunding industry at a number of conferences and events, both online and off. I’m passionate about raising awareness around the implications crowdfund investing holds for all stakeholders, including investors, businesses and communities. Here are a few reviews from my last webinar:

This was a fantastic webinar, with pristine analysis of the crowdfunding rules, regulations, and overall industry. The next one will be a “must-attend” for my investors.

Great webinar Jonathan! You covered a lot of great and important areas related to crowdfund investing and the broad depth of this new ecosystem. You’ve noticeably done your fair share of research on the various portals, service providers, and what it will take to succeed in the industry. I appreciate you sharing this information!

Excellent presentation. I have watched many CF presentations over the past months, mostly about donation/reward and not discussing equity. Your  presentation is by far the best to date on the the equity side. It was easy to follow and I really liked the mind maps. Thank you.

If you have an audience interested in investment crowdfunding, you can reach me at j@thecrowdcafe.com. Below are a few of my previous engagements.

CFPA Conference

CFPA National Crowdfunding Investing Conference
August 2013
CrowdfundX NYC

CrowdfundX NYC 2013
Presenter & Moderator
July 2013

Silicon Valley Crowdfund Conference
Presenter & Moderator
March 2013
OEFFA 2013 conference

OEFFA Conference 2013
February 2013

February 2013
Crowdfunding in Texas

Crowdfund Texas Conference
January 2013
Crowdfunding Research

Texas Entrepreneur Networks
Presenter (Webinar)
October 2012
Equity Crowdfunding Research

National Association of Seed & Venture Funds Annual Conference
October 2012
Crowdfunding Research Angels

Ohio Tech Angels
August 2012
Crowdfunding Research Local Food

USDA: Ohio Grown Conference
August 2012

TheCrowdCafe’s writing and research has been syndicated by, and referenced in, a variety of publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Venturebeat, Crowdsourcing.org, VCexperts, and others.

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