Company: Bolstr, Inc
Crowdfunding Portal:
Date of Incorporation: 2011
Location: New York, NY
Target Demographic: Small Businesses
Securities Offered: Revenue share transactions
Tagline: Bolstr your business. Become part of a growing community that invests in your future
Status:  The company’s legal framework allows for them to crowdfund today – from both accredited and non-accredited investors –  by leveraging Reg D Rule 504 and only permitting investors who have a pre-existing relationship with the borrower

Founders Spotlight
Larry Baker: Co-founder; Draws from Investment Banking experience at J.P. Morgan and Private Equity experience at a $4bn fund
Charlie Tribbett: Co-founder; Spent three years in Investment Banking and Global Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley in New York. Helped provide strategic direction and insight to Fortune 500 clients.
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Highlighted Fundraising Activity 
Currently in beta

Not Equity, Not Debt: The Bolstr team believes neither debt or equity, but rather a revenue share agreement, is the optimal fundraising vehicle for mainstreet small businesses.  In a revenue-share structure, small businesses retain 100% of ownership (unlike equity) and are not strapped with a cash-flow obligation (unlike debt). Bolstr has an excellent page further explaining its revenue-share structure here
With or Without the JOBS Act: Working through Reg D, Rule 504, Bolstr is live today and open to non-accredited investors. The company’s proprietary compliance engine makes sure that all fundraises lie clearly within the legal boundaries. More on how Bolstr can legally operate, with our without the JOBS Act


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