Nordic Equity Crowdfunding: A Chat with Invesdor Chairman, Lasse Makela

Crowdfunding Insight is a series of interviews with global leaders in the investment crowdfunding industry. The intent is to capture their learnings and data so that we may better prepare for the genesis of security crowdfunding in the United States.

I had the chance to sit down with the Chairman and Co-Founder of Invesdor, Lasse Makela. Based out of Helsinki, Finland, Invesdor currently serves businesses and investors in Finland, Estonia and Denmark.  Here’s an overview of the interview:

  • General
    • Invesdor launched in May 2012
    • First open equity crowdfunding platform to serve Northern Europe
    • Management Team Deep experience in financial services, angel investing, and software development
    • Scale Email list of 13,000+, 360 registered members
    • Curation Since inception, has received 38 pitches and accepted ~ 1/3
    • Partnerships
      • Businesses: legal firms; in negotiations with accounting firms to provide “due-diligence stamp” for companies
      • Investors: in negotiations with wealth advisory firms; hoping they’ll consider Invesdor’s deal-flow as an attractive alternative asset class
  • Additional Resources

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