Company: Fundable LLC
Crowdfunding Portal:
Date of Incorporation: 2012
Location: Columbus, OH
Target Demographic: Startups
Securities Offered: Perks offered today; will offer equity post-JOBS
Tagline: Crowdfunding for startup companies
Status:  Successfully crowdfunding today with a perk-based model; will offer equity post-JOBS implementation

Founders Spotlight
Wil Schroter: Co-founder, CEO; Successful repeat internet entrepreneur. His first company, Blue Diesel, grew to over $650 million in billings before being sold to Ventiv Health. His incubator, Virtucon Ventures, has since launched several successful internet companies including, Go Big Network and
Eric Corl: Co-founder, President; A successful entrepreneur, Eric founded IdeaBuyer in 2007, an online marketplace for intellectual property used by leading Fortune 500 companies including 3M, GE and Johnson & Johnson. He continues to helm IdeaBuyer. Eric is a Partner and serves as President of Virtucon Ventures.
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Highlighted Fundraising Activity 
Mom2mommy Perk-based; Raised $10,295 from 19 backers (link)
Elevation Training Mask 
Perk-based; Raised $20,162 from 219 backers (link)
Perk-based; Raised $11,365 from 162 backers (link)

Deal Flow: Founder, Wil Schroter also founded the Go Big Network, an online network that connects startups with angel investors. The network has served over 300,000 startups. Leveraging Go Big Network’s reach and user base will be an important competitive advantage for Fundable


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