Company: Vim Funding, Inc. d/b/a Funding Launchpad
Crowdfunding Portal:
Date of Incorporation: 2012
Location: Boulder, CO
Target Demographic: Startups and small businesses
Securities Offered: Equity
Tagline: Join the crowdfunding revolution
Status:  Crowdfunding today in certain states via SCOR offerings, with one campaign currently live (as of 9/1/12); will expand platform when JOBS Act is implemented

Management Spotlight
Steve Reaser: Co-founder, CEO; Steve’s prior experience includes co-founding and building an educational technology company to 150 employees and over 1 million users; B.S. from Cornell University
Shane Fleenor: Chief Legal Officer; five years at a major law firm in NYC; J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School
Dave Milliken Co-founder, CMO; Previously VP of Marketing for Smashburger; MBA from NYU
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Highlighted Fundraising Activity 
Couragent Inc. The mobile scanner manufacturing company is raising $175,000 – $350,000 in equity via a SCOR offering; it is only open to investors in CO, WY, IL, WI, and NY (states in which the security is registered)

Pioneer: According to the company, Couragent’s campaign represents the first crowdfunded equity investment in America


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