Texas Entrepreneur Networks Webinar

Greetings all. I’m partnering with Texas Entrepreneur Networks to host a free crowdfunding event (webinar) this Friday (October 26) at 3:00pm EST. I’m going to cover two major themes: (i) The competitive dynamics of the investment crowdfunding industry; and (ii) Why investment crowdfunding holds such an enormous impact, both economically and socially, for businesses, investors and our economy at large. The content will largely be industry-facing, geared more towards those with a basic pre-existing understanding of crowdfunding. We’re also sectioning off a good amount of time for Q&A at the end of the webinar. And lastly: feel free to pass along!

A Competitive Look at the Investment Crowdfunding Industry

Friday, October 26, 2012
3:00 PM EST
Presented in partnership with Texas Entrepreneur Networks
Come Learn:

  • The competitive landscape of the industry: who’s who?
  • Different models. What market(s) are they going after?
  • Differentiating factors of platforms?
  • What about periphery services? A brief look at the emerging service economy.
  • This is legal in some countries abroad – what insights can we gather from existing data?
  • Is this revolutionary? Why? The financial and social impact.
  • As an investor, business or supporter: Why should I care? What does this mean to me?

Any questions? Leave a comment, reach me at j@jsandlund.wpengine.com, or give me a shout on Twitterverse @jsandlund

[Event Ended – Check Comments for Reviews!]

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  • Steve

    sorry I missed the registration. the email notice didn’t explain registration was necessary. will you post the presentation?

  • Daryl H. Bryant

    Great webinar Jonathan! You covered a lot of great and important areas related to crowdfund investing and the broad depth of this new ecosystem. You’ve noticeably done your fair share of research on the various portals, service providers, and what it will take to succeed in the industry. I appreciate you sharing this information!

  • This was a fantastic webinar, with pristine analysis of the crowdfunding rules, regulations, and overall industry. The next one will be a “must-attend” for my investors.

  • Great great presentation Jonathan. Awesome mapping and detail of the sector. Thank you

  • CarlMR

    Excellent presentation. I have watched many CF presentations over the past
    months, mostly about donation/reward and not discussing equity. Your
    presentation is by far the best to date on the the equity side. It was easy to follow and I really liked the mind maps.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Jonathan – planned to catch the webinar but missed it! Will also follow-up to check the status of the recording…/thanks, Craig

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