Investment Crowdfunding Comes to Sweden

October 24, 2012

From TheCrowdCafe

FundedByMe is about to make history as they become the first equity crowdfunding platform to launch in Sweden. The company’s CEO and co-founder, Daniel Daboczy, shot an email to supporters earlier this morning announcing the launch:


The FundedByMe team and I are really proud to announce that history is about the be made on Thursday afternoon.The first rounds of equity crowdfunding/ crowd investing for startups  will launch in Sweden, after receiving overwhelming and massive interest in their pre-rounds.

A revolution in early stage finance is truly about to take place in the world. For the first time in our lifetime, every person, not only wealthy business angels, will have access to invest in startups and businesses and can become part of a potential Next Big Thing. The big thing with equity crowdfunding is that you open up your company to a potentially much greater pool of investors.Investments of a few hundred (or a few thousand) euros can potentially add up quickly.

We are launching a model that will change the way that “old financing” used to work to fund companies into a better, leaner and more effective way of raising capital and creating early momentum.We are really aiming at becoming the entrepreneurs best friend. I invite you to take part in this journey and if you like spread the word to your networks.

The first 3 historic rounds are:

Virtuous Vodka (SE):
Nordic Design Collective (SE):
Trampooline (NO)

Daniel Daboczy
CEO & co-founder


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