Social Networking Startup, Microcosm, Crowdfunds $80,000 on Seedrs. In 15 Hours.

November 26, 2012

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Crowdfunding Platform

Company Microcosm (

Industry/Vertical Consumer Internet/Social Networking

Elevator Pitch Discussion boards. Like tumblr, for forums.

Company Description Microcosm is a hosted platform for running discussion boards and forums.We already run a few internet discussion forums (such as LFGSS) and know that forums have the ability to change the lives of the people who use them.We’re working on Microcosm because we’ve seen what forums can do for people. We love that potential, but think that the existing software falls short and what we’ve done for the forums we run has just been for our use. It’s time to give everyone this capability. People who use forums deserve better.

Crowdfunding Statistics

Date Funded November, 2012

Amount Raised (USD/Local) $80,000/£50,000

Equity Offered 10.0%

Post-Money Valuation (USD) $800,000

Number of Investors/Average Investment Amount 71 investors ($1,126)

Campaign Duration 1 Day


Microcosm closed its crowdfunded round in 15 hours. Wow. The power of a transparent, ubiquitously accessible, democratized marketplace. #crowdpower

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