Crowdfunding Platform Spotlight:

October 25, 2012

From TheCrowdCafe


Elevator Pitch: “SellanApp is a crowd funding platform for iOS apps. People with good ideas want to have their App Idea developed, and SellanApp connects them with pledgers and developers. Either your App will be funded well enough and gets selected by a developer, or time runs out and no money will change hands. It’s an all or nothing crowd funding auction.”

Article Source
: Crowdsourced app development platform SellanApp opens pre-registration for its private beta | TheNextWeb

” SellanApp works a bit like an auction. People can add their ideas and a mock up of their app and data and others in the community can then stump up funds support it. On the other side of this, a global team of accredited developers looks over the proposed apps and how much money they have raised.

The developers who are on board with SellanApp can then snap up the apps that they like when they see them or work on them when the money raised will pay to create it…” [Continue reading on thenextweb]


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