Zacks CF Research, Crowd Valley Create a Strategic Relationship

April 29, 2014

From PR Newswire

A strategic relationship between two crowdfunding leaders holds the promise of an expanded reach and increased value for both companies. Zacks CF Research, the crowdfunded securities research and valuation arm of, and Crowd Valley (, an international technology, infrastructure and services company to parties in the crowdfunding and private capital markets sectors, look forward to expanded international services in the partnership.

“The opportunity to expand into foreign markets just cannot be underestimated. The global market for direct investing is huge and getting bigger all the time. International crowdfunding will become increasingly important in the next few years,” says Howard Orloff, vice-president and director of Zacks CF Research. In fact, the crowdfunding space has grown in the last five years from a handful of sites to nearly 1,000 securities crowdfunding platforms operating across the world. Crowd Valley CEO, Markus Lampinen said, “the growth and globalization of the crowdfunding and private securities market is driving the need for more information so that investors can make informed decisions. We believe Zacks is well positioned to provide much needed information and transparency in this emerging market, in large part because Zacks is an established and respected public and private company research market leader, with an outstanding reputation among US financial industry actors. This is the type of credibility needed in the international securities crowdfunding space.”

He added “Crowd Valley is committed to working with exceptional companies and we look forward to working with Zacks and continuing to expand and develop the services we offer to our customers and partners.”

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