• FoundedFebruary 2010
  • HeadquartersUnited Kingdom
  • FundingGreater than $250 million
  • Sector-FocusSmall Business
  • Stage-FocusNot Applicable
  • SecuritiesDebt


Founded in 2010, Funding Circle is an online marketplace to help UK businesses find low cost loans quickly and investors get better returns. There are no middlemen, no banks, and no lengthy delays. By directly connecting people who want to invest money with vetted, established businesses who want to borrow money, we eliminate the cost and complexity of the banking world. It’s simple, we’re better for business, better for investors, better all around.

Businesses can borrow between £5k and £1M. Businesses can raise capital to finance many things, including: Working Capital, Expansion Capital, Asset Finance, and One Off Business Expenses.

From FundingCircle:
“Funding Circle launched in 2010 because of two key problems: businesses were struggling to access finance, while people were getting a poor return on their money.The answer seemed simple: why not make it possible for people to earn a better return on their money by lending it to businesses looking for funding?”

Deal Flow

Any established and creditworthy business currently operating in the UK can apply for a loan at Funding Circle, including partnerships, limited companies and sole traders. Businesses must have at least 2 years of filed or formally prepared accounts and have no outstanding County Court Judgements over £250. A minimum turnover of £100,000 is also required.

Investors bid the rate they are happy to lend their money at. The lowest rates offered in the auction are then accepted into the loan.

Every business borrowing through Funding Circle is given a risk band from A+ to C- by FundingCircle, which gives guidance to investors on where to set their bidding rates.

Since inception, investors have earned a net return—after fees and bad debt—of 6.1% on FundingCircle.

Fee Structure

Investors Fees:

  1. Annual Fee 1% on the amount of money lent; fees are deducted when payments are received.
  2. Secondary Transaction Fee 0.25% on the loan amount outstanding if an investors sells his/her loan parts to other investors on FundingCircle’s secondary market.

Issuer Fees:

Issuer fees vary between 2-5% of funds raised depending on the type and duration of the loan.

Executive Team

Samir Desai

Co-Founder, CEO

Samir is responsible for driving the company strategy, overseeing the company’s finances and managing the day to day operations at Funding Circle. Samir has worked extensively in the financial services sector. Before founding Funding Circle, Samir was an Executive at Olivant, a private equity investor in financial services businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Prior to this, Samir was a management consultant at BCG advising a number of major UK and global banks and insurers on strategy, new product initiatives, and operational efficiency.

James Meekings

Co-Founder, CMO

James is responsible for marketing and customer experience at Funding Circle. James has an extensive background in the consumer and media space. Prior to co-founding Funding Circle, James was a Senior Consultant at OC&C Strategy Consultants where he advised leading multi-national and national companies on strategy, new products and efficiency programmes.

Andrew Mullinger


Andrew is responsible for risk management and compliance, having worked extensively in this area previously. Andrew has worked at major investment banks Nomura and Citigroup. Also a consultant at Ernst & Young where he advised financial institutions, Government and regulators on risk management and regulation; including a major UK bank on its SME credit models. Andrew heads up an underwriting team with extensive experience in small business loan assessment.


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