• FoundedAugust 2013
  • HeadquartersIndia
  • FundingBetween $1 - $10 million
  • Sector-FocusInternet
  • Stage-FocusSeed, Early
  • SecuritiesEquity


LetsVenture enables startups looking to raise seed / angel money to create investment ready profiles online, and connect to accredited investors.

It also enables startups to get their business plans reviewed by our experts as well as connect to mentors.

LetsVenture is not transactional today. Rather, once a startup obtains verbal commitments from investors, LetsVenture helps them in the funding closure process through it Commitment-to-Closure package. The package takes care of closure of term sheet & shareholders agreement, along with complete legal & financial due diligence.

The Let’sVenture Story

How did this journey begin? Not over a mug of beer or in a college dorm. Neither did we start by thinking crowd funding was the next cool thing to be working on or the next buzz word – it started with the simple vision of making fundraising easy for Indian startups.

As Entrepreneurs in our earlier avatars, we believe that a connected ecosystem of investors, business experts, mentors & fellow founders can create significant business leverage for a startup. As we explored the idea and met with several stakeholders of the startup community, we heard similar sentiments. That’s when we decided something specific was required for the Indian startup ecosystem – and Let’sVenture was founded.

We want to make a difference – and this is our first step. If you are excited about the possibilities of what we do, want to see how you can tune in, have other ideas on what more you would like help on, or just want to talk to us, drop us a line.

Deal Flow

LetsVenture provides access to Indian startups.

Resident Individuals, non-resident Individuals, non-resident Indians, angel investors, domestic and foreign companies, domestic and international venture capital funds can invest in start-ups on its platform.

While there is no formal “accreditation” process in India, LetsVenture verifies the credentials and identity of all registered investors.

Fee Structure

LetsVenture is currently in private beta and waiving all fees for startups & investors.

Executive Team

Shanti Mohan


Great ideas and visions become a tangible reality for me when shared by a passionate team. An outdoor enthusiast, I love the Himalayas. For me, the lessons learnt from trekking apply to my startup journey as well. Talk to me if you want a sounding board for a great business idea!


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