• FoundedFebruary 2013
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • FundingLess than $1 Million
  • Sector-FocusHealthcare
  • Stage-FocusSeed, Early
  • SecuritiesEquity


Poliwogg is an innovative financial firm transforming healthcare investing.

It provides pathways for accredited investors to invest in early stage companies in health and life sciences, structure indexes that measure the impact of public companies in health, and has plans to launch sector specific publicly registered venture funds focused by health vertical.  Its mission is to transform health from a cost to an asset class.

Deal Flow

Poliwogg lists companies in the healthcare and life sciences industry that pass its scientific and business diligence and have a market potential of significance.

Fee Structure

For Investors

  • No Fees

For Issuers

  • Poliwogg charges a transaction fee on successful raises. This fee is undisclosed.

Executive Team

Gregory C. Simon


Mr. Simon has held senior positions in both houses of Congress and the White House, been a senior strategy consultant to a number of international technology CEOs, led a national patient advocacy nonprofit he co-founded with Mike Milken, and has served as a senior executive at a large pharmaceutical corporation. He has developed a reputation as a visionary strategist, dynamic public speaker and writer.


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