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Aloha! Thanks for stopping by. TheCrowdCafe is a place where people come to discover and learn about investment-based crowdfunding. Our mission is to publish amazing content and resources that help accelerate, if even in the smallest of ways, the growth of the industry. And, of course, have fun along the way :-).

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We curate guest posts from individuals with unique thoughts, insights and/or experiences and share them with our global community of readers. We don’t allow promotional posts, but we do accept submissions from Platforms and Service Providers maintaining they’re objective and provide valuable insight to the community.

If you’re interested in contributing we’d love to hear from you.

Example Topics

Here are a few example topics.

  • Regulations Intrastate Crowdfunding in Michigan; Title III of the JOBS Act is doomed; Nonsense, Title III will work, and here’s how; Title III? Reg A+ is the future; Enough with the U.S. already! Here’s what’s up in Canada.
  • Market snapshots Investment Crowdfunding in France—growing at 125% year over year; Equity Crowdfunding in Africa: Who’s Who
  • Thought pieces How crowdinvesting supports local investing; Solar Crowdfunding: Investing in Change
  • A Platform’s Perspective Here’s what we’ve learned in our first two years.
  • Other  These are just a few topics. We’re open given it’s relevant to investment crowdfunding. Let us know what you’re thinking :-)

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