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Gryffindor and Slytherin are two consumer electronic companies. Each has the idea to develop a cutting edge, feature-rich device for their target markets. However, they take two very different approaches. The Slytherin Way Slytherin spends countless months, thousands of man hours, and hundreds of millions of dollars on researching and developing their cutting edge device; The device is announced in grande f ...

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What is the role of curation in crowdfunding marketplaces? Each platform is approaching curation differently. Some are more “open”—accepting a higher percentage of applications onto the platform—while others will be more “closed”, accepting a lower percentage. Neither end of the spectrum is necessarily better or worse; just very different. Let’s call this percentage of applications that an equity crowdfundi ...

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Happy Sunday, All! Bill Carleton and Joseph Wallin—security attorneys, thought leaders, and fierce advocates for workable crowdinvesting regulations—are calling on all supporters to help Save Regulation D. They can't do it alone—they need our help. Here's how.  Angellist announced this week that its testing its referral program, Angellist Syndicates. This isn't a surprise, of course. Bill Carleton covered t ...

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