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On September 23rd, for the first time in 80 years, startups will be advertising their fundraising to the public. Facebook ads, tweets, Techcrunch articles, a demo day live-streamed to the 8m+ accredited investors across the US – it’s a whole new world. Previously, most of us never had a shot at investing in the rounds of the best companies. The insiders only had that kind of access. That's all about to chan ...

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On June 20th the North Carolina House of Representatives passed, with overwhelming bipartisan support by a vote of 103 to 1, an intra-state investment crowdfunding bill, the NC JOBS Act of 2013 (H680). However, the bill still needs a floor vote in the Senate before the end of its session, which is quickly approaching. It’s 90 yards there—the team behind it needs our help to pound it into the end zone. Why i ...

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"The Saskatchewan Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (∫FCCA) released a concept proposal on July 9, 2013 to legalize equity crowdfunding for start-ups with a two year sunset clause. Investors Protection- Under the concept proposal, investors are limited to investing no more than $1,000 per deal but there is no  limit on how many investments an investor can make during any 12-month period. Regulation o ...

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It’s been three weeks since the publication of the Consultation Document on the Regulation on Crowdfunding by the Italian Financial Authority CONSOB. Three weeks full of discussions, praise and criticism of the regulation. I have had the opportunity to discuss it with many people from various sectors and I wanted to share some points of view on a regulation that is innovative, challenging and the object of ...

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The Committee on Oversight & Government Reform hosted a joint hearing with the Financial Services Subcommittee (yep, I'm lost already too) to discuss the importance of the timely implementation of the JOBS Act. To the important stuff: The committee solicited opinions and feedback from a wonderfully diverse panel, including those with operational, legal, and political experience in the crowdfunding arena ...

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