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EquityNet is an online network that connects capital-seeking businesses with accredited investors. The platform's calling card is its data-driven approach to supporting investors and businesses in the matchmaking process. It does so by delivering standardized, and contextual, analytics and tools to both sides of the market. Currently, introductions are facilitated online, with transactions executed offline ...

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[video id="bZLTk_LJIE4" type="youtube"] Crowdfunding Works is a series of interviews with CEOs of major investment crowdfunding platforms worldwide. The intent is to learn from their experiences, data, and insight. This can help shape our understanding, and expectations, around the advent of security crowdfunding in the United States. And, fingers crossed, I hope our regulators take note of these proof poin ...

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Niederer, CEO of ASSOB, the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform. It's available on YouTube here. Structuring the interview as a story, Paul and I walked through a crowdfunding lifecycle on ASSOB from cradle to grave, from the perspective of both the business and the investor. This was my first time interviewing via Google + so please forgive my redundancies a ...

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