Bruce Morgan, CEO of P2BInvestor

September 11, 2012


P2Binvestor has created a platform that allows investors to buy into a portfolio of business receivables and earn good returns. We give investors the ability to examine underwriting information about clients and choose which receivables portfolio to buy into. Investors own a percentage of every invoice in a portfolio and earn their returns in cash every month. Investors can liquidate part or all of their portfolios without fees with 60 days notice.

P2Bi is convinced that small and midsized businesses are the engines for job growth and the key to economic prosperity in the United States. However, these businesses face real problems obtaining the short-term working capital they need to keep growing. We believe that today’s investors, large and small, deserve the opportunity to support these companies while earning a fair return.

P2BI is the first finance company to merge receivables financing with the crowdfunding model. The result is an innovative approach to lending and borrowing, one that buoys the economy and creates jobs through its support of small businesses. Our unique technology platform allows us to keep costs low. These savings permit us to offer competitive rates to small businesses, as well as strong returns for members of our crowd.

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