Lasse Makela, CEO of Invesdor

January 3, 2013


I sat down with the Chairman and Co-Founder of Invesdor, Lasse Makela. Based out of Helsinki, Finland, Invesdor currently serves businesses and investors in Finland, Estonia and Denmark.  Here’s an overview of the interview:

  • General
    • Invesdor launched in May 2012
    • First open equity crowdfunding platform to serve Northern Europe
    • Management Team Deep experience in financial services, angel investing, and software development
    • Scale Email list of 13,000+, 360 registered members
    • Curation Since inception, has received 38 pitches and accepted ~ 1/3
    • Partnerships
      • Businesses: legal firms; in negotiations with accounting firms to provide “due-diligence stamp” for companies
      • Investors: in negotiations with wealth advisory firms; hoping they’ll consider Invesdor’s deal-flow as an attractive alternative asset class
  • Additional Resources


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