Interview with SeedInvest’s CEO, Ryan Feit

March 21, 2014


About SeedInvest

Seedinvest is an equity-based crowdfunding platform that connects accredited investors to leading startups seeking funding.

The Seedinvest team breaks down how it works:

For Investors

  • SeedInvest does not charge investors to use its site
  • Easily view and gain access to investment opportunities
  • Seamlessly make an investment with just a few clicks
  • Use automated accredited investor verification tools, designed to maintain your privacy
  • Complete a streamlined due diligence process using proprietary online tools
  • Collaborate and partner with other investors on the platform
  • Easily track and manage your assets through the investment dashboard

For Companies

  • Simplify and speed up your fundraising process
  • Promote your company broadly through fully-integrated social media & advertising tools
  • Access a network of accredited investors from around the world
  • Hold virtual due diligence sessions and board meetings from your desk
  • Streamline due diligence, execution of legal documents, and processing investments for quicker and easier closings
  • Efficiently manage and interact with your shareholders through our Virtual Boardroom

Interview Notes

  • Highly curated marketplace. Has accepted fewer than 2% of applications to-date.
  • Has funded 11 companies since opening its marketplace in 2013.
  • Strong accredited investor growth:  70 signups in July 2013; 300 in in February 2014.
  • Average individual check size is ~$25k
  • Launched Halo in 2013. It allows angel groups and incubators to run their own private funding platforms leveraging SeedInvest’s technology & processes.


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